Need a New Fuel Pump? GWC Warranty has you covered

Fuel is pretty important to a car. Wouldn’t you say? So it stands to reason why a fuel pump is one of the most crucial components of your vehicle. When your fuel pump goes, you need a new one ASAP. But the cost of that repair can cost more than $600. Not everyone just has that type of money lying around.

But repairs like these can be made much more affordable with a GWC Warranty vehicle service contract. I was reading the other day how GWC Warranty saves drivers tons of money on unexpected repairs and gives them total peace of mind while owning used vehicles.

GWC Warranty even offers resources to drivers that help them learn how to spot signs of failing vehicle parts such as a fuel pump. As I was doing more research on GWC Warranty, here’s what I learned from them about the symptoms of a failing or bad fuel pump.


If you hear a whining noise coming from your fuel tank, it’s a sign that there is a problem with your fuel pump. Old fuel pumps tend to unleash a loud groaning or whining sound when the car is running. Fuel pumps that are operating normally should only produce a quiet hum.

Slow Starting

If you’re having difficulty starting your car, this could mean your fuel pump is going bad. Fuel pumps run when the ignition is turned on and over time they wear out and weaken. When a fuel pump becomes weak, it will still pump fuel but do so at a less-efficient rate, which can cause your car to start up more slowly. The lack of pressure from the weakened fuel pump will cause the vehicle to take more cranks before starting up. Sometimes multiple key turns are needed.

Decreased Performance

If you notice that your vehicle is misfiring or has decreased power, acceleration and fuel efficiency, it would be wise to have your fuel pump checked. These performance issues are all signs of a failing fuel pump and will only worsen as the fuel pump weakens. When a fuel pump is failing it disturbs the air-to-fuel ratio of the engine and causes these performance problems.

No Start

This is perhaps serious of situations in which a fuel pump could be failing. If your fuel pump fails completely, it will not be able to provide enough fuel to your engine, which in turn will prevent your vehicle from starting. Engines can’t run without fuel. It’s as simple as that.