Is your water pump failing? GWC Warranty has you covered

Most people likely don’t have $500 just laying around for unexpected car repairs. But that’s about what it would cost you for a new water pump if yours were to fail. After all, your vehicle needs it to keep its engine cool, especially on hot summer days.

Luckily, if you purchased a GWC Warranty vehicle service contract with your used car, your cost for this type of repair can be greatly reduced.

When my water pump failed, I took to the Web to find answers and repair estimates. I was shocked at how much it could cost, but I was happy to see that there are actually ways for myself and other drivers to save on these types of unexpected car repairs. I learned that those who have a GWC Warranty vehicle service contract are covered in these situations and I even found out some more information about what to look for when you think your water pump could be failing.

To help you be prepared in a similar situation, here are the symptoms for a bad or failing water pump:

Coolant leak: A water pump has several gaskets and seals and they are intended to contain coolant and ensure it is consistently flowing from the radiator to the engine. When these gaskets and seals wear out or dry up, they can crack or break entirely, causing coolant to leak from the water pump to the ground. Usually, you will find this type of coolant leak in the front of your car near the center of the motor’s location.

Whining sounds: When a water pump pulley is loose, it creates a whining sound, which should indicate that the system is failing. This whining sound can also occur when a water pump’s bearings that operate it are wearing out. If you notice this whining sound and it increases in volume as you accelerate, you should contact your mechanic right away.

Overheated engine: When a water pump fails, it cannot circulate coolant through the engine block, therefore, causing the engine to overheat. If you notice that your engine temperature gauge is getting close to the “hot” indicator, it is more than likely an issue with the water pump and you’ll want to get this addressed immediately. Not addressing an overheated engine right away can result in additional problems for your engine such as cracked cylinder heads, burnt pistons, or pushed head gaskets.

Steam from radiator: This symptom is perhaps the most obvious one, but if you notice steam coming from your radiator, your water pump is likely failing and your engine is severely overheated. If this happens, you should pull over to a safe area immediately and call a tow truck and mechanic.